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Remember the dates!  June 7-9, 2013!

Convoy coordinators - please send me updates to this page and I will make the changes.

Rear view mirror convoy picture Over the years, convoys have become an integral part of Carlisle.  Driving in a convoy of five, ten or twenty plus cars is an unforgettable experience.  Not only that, but you get a feeling of security - should anything go wrong, as it does from time, you will be among people who will know what to do and where to go for help.

Even if you are not driving the full distance of some of these convoys, think about meeting up with one for the last leg into Carlisle.  With the proliferation of cell phones these past few years, it's a lot easier to coordinate meeting up with a convoy and having the pleasure of driving alongside your fellow Merkur owners. 

The Mighty I-70/I-76

The biggest and best known convoy is the I-70 convoy.  This is superbly coordinated by Jerry Chandler.  If you live North or South of I-70, meet up points can be arranged.  The convoy starts in Boulder Colorado and will progress to St. Louis on Wednesday night.  Thursday sees the convoy pass the Gateway Arch and on the Indianapolis with a rendezvous at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Then on to Dayton, more meet-ups and refreshments.  Early on Friday, the convoy heads across Ohio, meeting up with more Merkurs, lunch in Pittsburgh and on through the Allegheny Mountains to Carlisle. 

Year after year these Merkur enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Carlisle and back.  Being part of a 30+ convoy of Merkurs is an incredible experience.  If you cannot make the convoy, make sure you welcome them to Merkur Central at the Harrisburg Radisson Hotel in Camp Hill, PA.  They have earned your respect & thanks for making the trip.


To join the convoy, email , Then contact Jerry Chandler who will include you on the list and coordinate a meet-up point.

If you have any other questions, click here to access the Event Planning discussion area on the MCA forum.


Joining up with the I-70 convoy is the I-76 convoy.  The convoy meets up in Norton, OH (near Akron, OH). Right at the Cleve-Mass Rd. Plaza off of 76. Its about 50 feet off the highway. There is a Gas Station, car Wash, etc. Drivers normally meet at 8:45am and leave at 9:00am.

The I-76 convoy is on the same time schedule as the mighty i-70 convoy.  The two convoys meet at New Stanton, PA where 70 & 76 merge - then there is lunch and then the big convoy to Carlsile.

Mike Oyler is the convoy coordinator for the I-76 leg.  Contact him directly by clicking the email link, or ask your questions in the Carlisle section of the Event Forum.


NOVA Convoy

This year's NOVA convoy is still in its planning stages.  In previous years, they have left from the Leesburg, Va., at around 10am.  They then have made one stop in Thurmont, Md. (milemarker 28 on U.S. 15 at Route 806) to pick up Merkheads joining them from D.C.-suburban Maryland, etc., probably around 10:30-10:45. Then up U.S. 15 to Pa. Route 94 at York Springs, Pa., then directly into Carlisle to the Fairgrounds. 

Check back here closer to the event or contact:

  • Send an Email to the Convoy coordinator: Jim Gosses

Shoney's, Winchester, VA

Remember the dates!  June 7-9, 2013!

   Get yourself some of the 'Talkabout' style FRS radios.  These have a practical car to car range of a little under a mile and are great for car to car communication.  For longer distance communication, I advise that someone in the convoy has either a cell phone or a CB radi
o.  Nextel two-way radios work very well too.

Convoy coordinators - please send me details of your convoys, and if possible some photos for inclusion here

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