Merkur Club of America Picture Gallery

If you would like your custom plate pictured here, please  email a picture.  If you do not have an electronic copy, mail the photo to us and we will scan and return it to you.

Paul West's XR

Paul West

Paul Van Hook's Scorpio

Simon Matthews

Mart Hill's XR Mark Hamilton's XR
Rich Franco's XR

I am aware that some people take exception to having their car tags photographed and displayed on the web.  I do not understand why, after all those people, like me, paid to have vanity plates so they can be noticed.  This is just getting more for your investment - people all over the world will be able to see your creativeness!

Anyway, if anyone takes exception to their plate being displayed here, me know and I'll remove it.  My policy is to display any Merkur plate here, but not to attribute it to a particular car or owner unless given express permission by the owner.

Monday, December 30, 2002